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Dating someone with cold sores

Published: 23.12.2016
Author: Lorenzo_Benitez
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I would have thought that the virus would only be contagious while active - and a person with one can feel it when active - as it is quite painful. Tag Search Advanced Search.

Dec 05, 2009  · I would like answers from people who have cold sores and those that don't if possible. Even Would u date a HOT woman with a herpes cold sore?Why.

Dating with Oral Herpes

If she has a cold sore on her upper lip on the second date, to snog someone with a cold sore. If she has a cold sore on her upper lip on the second.



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      30.12.2016 in 03:26 Ronald_Harrington:
      Herpes simplex virus HSV infections.

      01.01.2017 in 18:12 Daniel_Crazy:
      It's unlikely that they were trying to intentionally give you an STD. I guess I wished he'd be more courteous and tell me as opposed to telling me casually a year later and saying its no big deal, eventhough he knows its contagious.

      08.01.2017 in 16:26 Alexandr_Mazur:
      Gypsygirl29 Dating Someone Who Gets Cold Sores.....

      13.01.2017 in 12:13 Free_Runner:
      He doesnt know whether it's HSV 1 or 2, but seeing that he gets it on his lips and it's since he was a kid, im guessing HSV 1 oral kind.

      20.01.2017 in 16:38 Boris_Dvoretskov:
      I don't want to go further if the cold-sore thing is serious, because I could hurt her more.. The answer is YES.