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Can you hook up two amps to one capacitor

Published: 19.12.2016
Author: Montana_Sanchez
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Car Audio Capacitor Installation . You can even fabricate or purchase "buss bars" which are solid pieces of metal that connect the capacitors both (the one.

Just make sure each amp has its own ground. Photo As Tiger and several others said, the second negative terminal is not necessary, and should be connected internally to the other ground terminal.

Car Audio/capacitor/2 amps - Amplifiers - Car Audio, Video, & GPS - Crutchfield Forums

An Installation Guide for Hooking Up Two Amps & a Capacitor Connect one wire to the positive terminal and connect How to Hook Up a Capacitor to an Amp.

How to Connect Multiple Amps And Wire Up A System


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      27.12.2016 in 20:03 Garry_Fox:
      Connect each of these terminals to a ground connection, such as the body of the car. It's highly likely this thread will turn into a flamefest as it's a capacitor question so...